About Simlipal



An integral part of Simlipal Tiger Reserve spread over 2750 km2 constituted during 1973, Simlipal, is declared as a wildlife sanctuary during 1979 covering an area of 2271.78 km2. It is also part of Simlipal Biosphere Reserve and an area measuring 845.70 km2 in the core of Simlipal has been proposed as Simlipal National Park since 1980.


Similipal is located between 210 28’ to 220 08’ North Latitude and 860 04’ to 860 37’ East longitude in the district of Mayurbhanj in Odisha state.

Simlipal Tiger Reserve

The Simlipal Tiger Reserve is a compact block of elevated plateau located in central portion of the Mayurbhanj district and lies between 20° 17’ and 22° 34’ north and 850 40’ and 87° 10’ east longitude. The stretch of forest including Simlipal RF spread over an area of 2750 km2 was declared as ‘Tiger Reserve’ with effect from 4th Dec 1973 under ‘Project Tiger’ Scheme of Government of India. The boundary description of Critical Tiger Habitat (Core) extending over 1194.75 km2 and buffer area of 1555.25 km². There are 3 inhabited villages inside the Critical Tiger Habitat and 65 villages in the buffer area.

Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

Simlipal RF is the biggest Reserve Forest block of India with an area of 2271.78 km². The forest is a potential habitat both for wild animals and plants with good population of tigers, leopards, elephants, chital, sambar and 304 species of birds. It is equally important for in habitation of amphibians, aquatic animals and invertebrates considering the importance of its rich biodiversity the area is declared as a proposed wildlife sanctuary on 3rd December 1979 by Govt. of Odisha after settlement of all rights of the people of 61 villages it was finally declared as wildlife sanctuary by Govt. of Odisha in Forest and Environment Department.


Similipal Tiger Reserve